Not your average Banana Pudding

Sweet layers of vanilla pudding sandwiched in between decadent cookies and bananas.

I’m not sure that this dessert can be more perfect for a time like this. The first bite was rich, yet not heavy but light and fluffy. Pure bliss.

First, you will need your ingredients:
3 or 4 Big Bananas – sliced
1 Package of Vanilla Pudding
Roughly 2 cups of Whipped Cream *we used our homemade whipped cream recipe*
1 Package of Cookies – “normal” banana pudding calls for Vanilla Wafers, well in our town, those were all sold out amid the pandemic (weird right?).. so we choose Biscoff and they did not disappoint.
2 cups Milk

Optionals: Pure Vanilla extract, fresh lemon juice and a pinch of salt

Step one: Combine the milk and pudding package. Keep stirring/mixing/blending until you have a thick custard

Step two: Gently fold in your whipped cream. * if you would like to add any flavor enhancing ingredients (pure vanilla extract, lemon juice or salt) now is the time*

Step three: Let the layering begin. We opted for the “banana, cookies, pudding” pattern. As long as the cookies are touching the pudding, all will be well.

Step four: enjoy!

Until next time 🙂

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