Clean Eating

Clean Eating for Families

I am going to put an end to the myth that clean eating with a family is too difficult or impossible to do.

Does it take work? Yes

Will there be some resistance? More than likely.

But with all good things, you must put in the time and remain constant.

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What is clean eating?

Clean eating is simply eating healthy. A ‘clean’ diet should consist of foods that are real and have not been processed with chemicals or had artificial flavors or sugars added to them.

Fun Fact: These foods are generally found on the perimeter of a grocery store, not so much in the aisles in between.

Why eat clean?

Here’s my fast list: more energy, a clearer mind and an improved mood

All the things a mom needs to be on her A-Game! Imagine eating clean with a family. Children listen more and not bouncing off the walls because they ate a meal or snack that was high in sugar? Your husband isn’t hangry because it has been 3 hours since he last ate. It is possible. 🙂

Sidenote: I’m not saying eating clean will turn your children into perfect angels or fix their behavior problems overnight. I am saying that a proper well-balanced diet does have positive effects on growing minds and bodies. I found this wonderful video that goes into further detail on this point.

When it comes to clean eating, we have to renew the way our minds view food.

Food is for nourishment for our bodies.

Think about this:

You just purchased a brand new car that you and your family will depend on for transportation every single day.  Do you fill the tank up with sugar water and skip out on routine maintenance?

NO! You would make sure that your vehicle is in prime-o shape every single day. So why not do the same for your body?

Choosing to eat clean is a lifestyle

Eating clean with a family is a lifestyle that will help everyone achieve their best selves.

The catch

  1. This does require planning in time to prep as you will be cooking more at home
  2. It can become costly


With a plan, anything can be achieved!

Making the change

Here are two easy achievable steps to get you started.

Step 1: Begin to replace the out of stock grocery items in your home with their healthier twin

  • Before buying an item, read the label. Make sure that there are no unhealthy fats, preservatives or added sugar
  • Download this cheat sheet for an idea of what foods are ‘clean’
  • Start replacing traditional soda with water-based beverages. Like flavored tea or try a sugar-free water enhancer. We love Stur. It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia. The end goal is to make water the primary beverage.

Step 2: Create a meal plan

I love good meal plan. No questions about “what are we going to eat”. No last minute dinner shuffle. Let’s not forget how much meal planning saves our monthly budget!

Plan out your meals and prep them. Because I want everyone to succeed, I created a Master Meal Planning list for all 3 meals and a blank Meal Planning Sheet. 🙂

Just pick out what meals you want and write it down on the sheet. Most of these meals do not need recipes and allow you to be super creative when eating clean.

Example: French Dip. We use grass-feed steak, whole wheat grain hoagie, full-fat cheese, and onions. For the Au Jus: Organic Beef bone broth and fat trimmings from the steak. Easy delicious, 30-minute meal.

If you do want a recipe, look it up on Pintrest. or Reach out to me and I will be happy to help you out.

Final thoughts

REMEMBER: this doesn’t have to be a harsh and drastic change. Find things that your family loves and enjoys in their healthier form.

If your family is use to eating heavily processed foods and foods that have high sugar and sodium content, it will take time for everyone’s taste buds to adjust to naturally sweetened and new spices.

By taking these baby steps everyone’s taste buds will have time to adjust to the new food lifestyle.

This is a process. Practice makes perfect.

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