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5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Taking care of you mind soul and body is so important. By eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and getting enough rest, not only will your mood improve but the quality of life and amount of happiness you experience will skyrocket.

Why is Practicing Self Care so Hard?

As moms, often leave little time for our selves. We have a huge list of “to-do’s” we must conquer everyday. When we do take time for ourselves, we usually feel guilty or feel that we are neglecting one of our obligations.

Goods news! I have 5 simple and easy steps that will crush “mom guilt” and get you on the path to taking care of your self.

  1. Plan your day
    • By planning your day, you can start planning time for you! Granted you may not be able to block out an entire hour for your self but by getting in the habit of planning your day, you will be able to schedule a time for yourself to do the things that matter to you. Whether that be taking 15 minutes to pray and meditate or 10 minutes enjoy a quiet glass of water. Make yourself a priority. If you are not willing to invest time in yourself, who will?
  2. Spend time with God
    • I don’t know about you, but when I am lacking in my personal time with God, my days tend to sour quickly. When I begin to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain tired I instantly think of this verse:

      “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest. Matthew 11:28-29

      When I turn to God and ask for help, I get a renewed sense of clarity of which priorities are truly important and the wisdom to get my task done efficiently.
  3. Move your body
    • Make exercising fun! Have a dance party with the kiddos. Do silly stretching. When you go to the store, park in a crappy parking spot to get those extra steps in!
    • Make a small goal and go for it. My personal goal is to do 10 minutes on my elliptical every day ( I know totally laughable but doable). Some days I create fun “mini” workouts. For example, every time I walk into the kitchen, I do 5 countertop push-ups.
  4. Go to bed early
    • Sleep is key to healing and renewing your body. The lack of sleep can lead to irritability and decreased motivation. It has also been proven that by not sleeping enough you are more likely to gain weight.
    • By sleeping more, you have more focus, improved memory (this article dives in more about how dreaming is an exercise for your brain), and improves your mental and emotional health.
  5. Be careful of what you eat
    • We have all heard the saying ” you are what you eat”. Guess what love; if you eat like crap, you will feel like crap. Start practicing self-care by taking care of your body from the inside out.
    • I have created this easy to follow and simple guide on how to eat clean. Do yourself a favor and read it.

By adding these 5 easy ways to practice self-care, you will begin to reap the benefits and be on your way to a healthier you. Plus, your family will benefit from having a more balance mamma.

Remember, consistency is key!

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