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5 Ways to Get the Top Toys of the Year

It’s that time of year again! 🙂 Big retailers begin to release their list of the Top Toys of the year. Kids begin to get excited and forming long, expensive lists of must-have presents.

As parents and loving family members, we want to make sure the kiddos get what they want, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. That’s why it is always good to have a game plan. Here are my tips to make sure I get the goods.

Because I love you, here’s the lists:

1. Get your shopping done early

I personally like to get my holiday shopping done sooner rather than later to avoid the in-store chaos. Plus the peace of mind knowing that I have purchased or made everyone’s presents. Remember, the toys on these lists are receiving more exposure, which increases the demand to buy them. If you see the toy in stock, buy it and hide it until the big day.

2. Keep the presents to a minimum

Try the 5 Gift Rule for each person:

1) Something to read
2) Something they need
3) Something to wear
4) Something they want
5) Something to share

3. The sale may never come

Retailers are smart. They know which toys will bring in the big bucks. The items on these lists usually do not go on sale until after the holidays. So why wait? By waiting you will probably spend more purchasing a gift from a price gouger on a Facebook group.

4. Use Layway

Layaway simply allows you to do most if not all of your shopping done for a low-cost upfront (usually $10 or 10%, whichever one is higher). Then allows you to pay off the total balance within a certain timeframe. Some retailers like Walmart, Gamestop, Sears/KMart, and Burlington Coat Factory either offer layaway around the holiday season or year-round.

5. Split a Gift

Being a mother of 3 toddlers,  I like to try to minimize the need for family members to buy each child an individual toy. This year we will be using Splitagift to encourage our family members to help cover the cost of a big-ticket playset for the kids.

Remember, the holidays are not about presents. There is no need to go into debt by trying to buy expensive presents.

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